Real Estate Client Manager

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    Real Estate Client Manager is a product that enables you to manage your Real Estate contact database easily and efficiently. It is tightly integrade with Microsoft Outlook which gives you the benefit of working in an environment you already know and use.

    The main features included are:

    - Multiple Listing and Purchase Transactions for Each Client
    - Reminders for Critical Tasks -- Don't miss an important date
    - Schedule Client Showings
    - Track and Manage Buyer & Seller Requirements
    - Remember Client Family Birthdays and Anniversaries
    - Integrated Contact Management helps track everyone associated with a transaction
    - Log Detailed Property Information
    - Store Critical Documents within the Associated Client Transaction
    It allows processing of millions calls per month – a performance index that few systems on the market can boast about.

    The product consists of three main forms

    - Client form - allows users to create new contacts or manage existing ones. For every client they can save the standard information provided by outlook as well as additional one which is specific to the Real Estate Client Manager. Users can enter details on the client's type, status, probability to close the deal and family details.
    - Seller listing form - users can keep track of transactions and contracts, associate contacts with transactions, add property photos, web site and virtual tour links and save and track documents associated with the current contract.
    - Buyer purchase form - from this form users are able to manage transactions, offers and contracts, keep information about the clients needs, create lists of properties they will show to the client and track notes for those properties through a log. They can also associate contacts with a transaction.

  • RECM_client_form
    client form
    listing form
    Purchase Form
  • System Requirements

    To be able to install and run Real Estate Client Manager you must have the following:
    - Microsoft Vista or XP Operating System
    - Microsoft Outlook 2003 with Service Pack 3 installed or Microsoft Outlook 2007
    - Microsoft .NET 3.5 (If not on your system, will be installed during the installation process)

  • Downloads

    Real Estate Client Manager

    You can download a free trial version or buy the product at this web site: