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    School 2® Advanced Student Information System is an electronic Grades register and Attendance book. It is an integrated software solution which increases the level of educational effectiveness and students’ performance by facilitating the teacher’s daily operational tasks and providing for an easy and efficient communication between teachers, students and parents. It was developed as a part of the technical solution of the „Bulgarian Internet Generation” Project. Expert Vision’s participation in the project was published on the Cisco News site.

    The system holds information on all subjects, teachers, classes, students, and parents. It also keeps track of the whole educational program.

    The teachers can see their program for the day and have the ability to mark the students who are absent or late for a class, to enter student scores or a note about student performance. Upon the teacher’s choice the system can send an SMS message or to generate a phone call to the parent when a student is late or absent for a class.

    The student and his/her parents can enter the system via its web site and see the student’s study program, his/her grades and the teacher’s notes.The system works on a computer via web interface as well as on Cisco IP telephone. The product automatically generates all the reports required by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and by the Regional Inspectorate of Education, which eases significantly the work of the school administration.

    School 2® Advanced Student Information System is deployed under the „Bulgarian Internet Generation” project in three Bulgarian schools with different working environment, different study programs, and different administrative organizations:

    - Private Secondary School „Drita”, Sofia
    - „St. Sofia” Private Primary School, Sofia
    - 9th French School „Alphonse de Lamartine”, Sofia
    - PGEE „Maria Curie”, Sliven
    - Foreign Language High School „Hristo Botev”, Kardjali

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    School 2 ®

    On this page you can find additional information about the product.The documents are in PDF format and may be printed and/or saved.

    This paper contains short description of School 2 ® system, its purpose, functions and system requirements for installation of product:

    This userguide is a brief tutorial introduction to some of the most important features of the School 2 ® system: