Mobile loyalty



Do you want to boost your sales and increase the loyalty of your customers?

Do you want to advertise and send special and targeted offers directly to your customers’ smart phone?

Do you want to create convenience for your customers and decrease the cost of advertisement?

Mobile Advertisement and Loyalty is a comprehensive solution which adds value on top of the traditional advertisement systems and loyalty programs and enables in addition targeted (personalized) offers and loyalty programs (and rewards) using mobile applications.

Special features
- Special offers can be valid for a certain time
- The platform can support multiple offers and rewards
- The platform can support instant messaging
- The merchants can send different offers to different groups of customers
- The merchants can track the activity of the customers and get reports
The solution consists of mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and a corresponding mobile website designed by request of the customer, and a web based server back-end. Advertisement, general offers, special offers and loyalty programs can be defined via the back-end and send to the customers via the apps.