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What is Mobile Directory?

Do you have a business card in your pocket?

Of course, business cards always missing at the most important moment or you are already distributed on last trade fairs in which you participated.

And do you have phone in your pocket? It’s always with you.

The business card is an indispensable part of business accessories, its aim is to present its owner or organization. And what better than to be mobile and always updated.

How do I? Well, replace paper card with digital business card, that always gives you actual data of her holders.

With Mobile Directory for smartphones you have a mobile version of your card and not only your own data, but data of the whole company.

It’s no longer necessary to leave your customers with pockets filled with business cards, after the business meeting.

Advantages over paper business card
- always updated information (actual information) – every start time the application is synchronized with the server and that reflects to all changes as new employees, changed telephone numbers and addresses
- shows the location of the contact with Google Maps and internet connection
- With only one-touch on the screen you can directly call on personal or business phone number
- easily add a contact from the contacts application on your personal smartphone (Address book)
- QR code to each contact
You can customize it to your own requirements. Editing of data is easy, because the data is contained in an XML file uploaded to the server.
You can add and edit a list of all employees and their personal data and general information about the company - such as business and mobile phones, fax, e-mail, location.
You can change the logo also, colors, sorting contacts and QR code.

Replace the old paper card from the 20th century, with the new mobile version of 21 century and take advantage of QR code that will give you an instant connection with users.